Our Staff

Our Staff

When choosing an audiologist, you want someone you can trust, someone who listens, with experience and professional qualifications that are industry recognised.

Our Audiologists are associated with The ENT Centre in Hornsby and work in close cooperation with the following Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists (ENTs):

  • Prof Raymond Sacks
  • Dr Niell Boustred
  • Dr Bill Johnston
  • A/ Prof Yuresh Naidoo
  • Dr Raewyn Campbell

Our staff are here to help you with all your hearing needs.

Our Audiologists - Maxine Myers and Rosemary Spector

Maxine Myers and Rosemary Spector are audiologists and directors of Audiology Solutions. They have worked as clinical audiologists for over 20 years and throughout their careers have had an association with leading ENT specialists.

Both have university degrees, are members of Audiology Australia (AA) and hold clinical certificates of practice from the AA.
They are involved in continuing education as part of their professional development, which ensures that they are always up-to-date with the rapidly changing technology in the hearing healthcare field.

Maxine and Rosemary have been the recipients of several academic and clinical awards throughout their careers. They have also undertaken clinical supervision of audiology Masters students and other clinicians as their knowledge base and skills are well regarded in the industry.

They have established a reputation for excellence in diagnostic (adults and children) and rehabilitative audiology and therefore are the audiologists of choice for many medical practitioners.

Maxine Spector - Audiology Solutions
Rosemary Spector - Audiology Solutions

Administration manager – Wendy Hooper

Wendy has worked in the health care industry for several years. She has a wonderful understanding of the patients’ needs and as a result delivers exceptional patient service.

Wendy overseas the smooth operation of clinic and is the first point of contact for our patients.

She also does basic hearing aid repairs, and retubing of moulds. She is always happy for patients to come in whenever they require any assistance, including the cleaning and general maintenance of hearing aids.

Wendy Hooper - Audiology Solutions

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