Common Hearing Loss Symptoms

Common Hearing Loss Symptoms

Did you know that on average it is 7 years from the time we are first aware of a hearing loss until we take action?

The symptoms of hearing loss, most often occur gradually, and may take some time to become noticeable. During this time our quality of life is unnecessarily affected. So recognising the symptoms of hearing loss in yourself or someone you know, is the first step to improving your hearing.

If you, or your friends and family experience one or more of the signs below you should have your hearing tested by a hearing specialist. You may have hearing loss if:


  • You feel that others are mumbling
  • You have difficulties understanding conversations in groups or noisy environments
  • You frequently have to ask for repetitions from others
  • Family, friends or colleagues mention that they often have to repeat themselves
  • You need to increase the TV or radio volume in order to hear
  • You find yourself watching the speaker’s lips in order to follow the conversation
  • You have difficulties hearing on the phone


  • You find yourself withdrawing from certain social activities because it is difficult to hear and communicate
  • You and/or your family and friends are becoming frustrated because you are misinterpreting what they are saying
  • You feel anxious when meeting new people as you are concerned about understanding the conversation

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