Frequently Asked Questions

When discussing treatment options for your hearing loss we will discuss appropriate solutions with you. Should hearing aids be required, the most appropriate ones for you will depend on your type and degree of hearing loss, lifestyle needs, budget and cosmetic preferences.

Hearing instruments vary in price according to the features, style and technology level. Our hearing aid prices are significantly lower (up to 30{f5c8126e114e62d9b7f667c9da011600a87617cbf8c18593471dabf459e03d49} less), than many of our competitors for the identical product You may also be eligible for government funding and/or private health fund rebates to assist with these costs.
If you have a hearing loss in both ears, then wearing two hearing devices is the best way to hear most naturally. Two hearing aids offer many advantages including improved hearing in noise, a more natural stereo effect and better sound localisation. However, in some instances only one hearing aid is recommended and your audiologist will indicate if this is appropriate for you.
As with many health care solutions, this will vary from person to person. The professional expertise and guidance of your audiologist plays a vital role in your rehabilitation process, of which hearing aids are only a part. Each step in your training program will bring you closer to your hearing goals and better communicative outcomes.

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