What outcomes to expect from your hearing device

Once you’re fitted with your hearing device, it’s important to remember that outcomes can differ depending on your level and type of hearing loss.

Like all new things, you may take some time to adjust to wearing the hearing device. Research has shown that it usually takes around 30 days to realise the full benefits of hearing aids. To get the most out of your new device, it’s important to be an active participant in your ongoing care and maintenance.

Outcomes you can expect include:

  • Improvements in your hearing abilities in a variety of communicative situations. It is highly recommended that you attend your follow up appointments so that your audiologist can monitor your progress and to ensure your hearing aid settings are optimal.
  • Improvement in speech understanding by amplifying sounds you have been missing.
  • Improved communication and concentration: your ability to maintain productivity and professional standing at work will improve.
  • Alertness: your device will enable you to hear alarms, traffic, telephones, doorbells and other important signals.
  • Better relationships: you will feel empowered to take part in social situations again; your intimacy and warmth in relationships will improve as well as the frustration of loved ones.
  • Better quality of life.

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