We understand that everyone’s hearing health needs are different.

Our extensive Audiology experience with adults allows us to offer a range of services, including diagnostic testing, devices and trusted professional advice.

We will work with you to find the best hearing solutions for you.

Our Services

Comprehensive hearing assessments
Hearing aid assessments and fittings
Ongoing aural rehabilitation and device maintenance
Implantable hearing devices (bone-anchored hearing aids)
Custom earplugs (for musicians, loud noise and swimming)
Subsidies through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program
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The Treatment Process


Your initial appointment will include a review of your history, a non-invasive ear examination and a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your hearing. We will then discuss the possible hearing solutions that may help you.

As highly trained Audiologists, we play a crucial role in the treatment and ongoing maintenance of your hearing loss or condition. As an independent clinic, you can trust that we will only recommend the devices and solutions that we believe will be best for you and your unique hearing health needs.

Audiology (hearing) test

Your hearing test will take place in a soundproof booth. Wearing headphones, you will be asked to listen and respond to a range of sounds. We will also perform a speech test and an objective measure of your middle ear function.

Hearing solutions

If you require hearing aids, your Audiologist will discuss the devices that best suit your needs and that are most appropriate for your hearing loss. When selecting the right devices, we will consider the degree of hearing loss, dexterity, lifestyle and budget.

About hearing aids

Hearing aid trial

Like all new things, you may take some time to adjust to wearing a hearing device. To help you get the most out of your new devices, Audiology Solutions offers you a 30-day trial period with your hearing aids. During this time, you will attend follow-up appointments and your Audiologist will be available to help you with any concerns.

We will ensure you are satisfied with your devices — if required, we can select another hearing aid or develop an alternative treatment plan for you. It is important to us that you experience the best outcome possible.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Our clinic provides ongoing maintenance and support for you and your hearing devices, including follow-up appointments and hearing aid servicing and updates. We’ll let you know when it’s time to come in for a checkup, but it’s important to be an active participant in your own ongoing care and maintenance — we’re always here to help if you have any issues between appointments.


Once you’re fitted with your hearing devices, it’s important to remember that outcomes will be different for everyone, depending on the degree and type of hearing loss. Be sure to attend all follow-up appointments so your Audiologist can monitor your progress and ensure you’re getting the most out of your devices.

Outcomes you can expect include:

  • Improvement in your hearing abilities in a variety of situations
  • Improvement in speech understanding by amplifying sounds you have been missing
  • Improved communication and concentration
  • Increased alertness and ability to hear alarms, traffic, telephones, doorbells and other important signals
  • Improved social interactions
  • Less frustration for you and your loved ones
  • Better quality of life

Pensioners and Veterans

If you are a pensioner or have a veterans affairs card, you may be eligible for free services under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program .

This includes:

  • free hearing assessments
  • advice and support for hearing loss
  • fitting of fully or partially subsidised hearing aids, if required
  • ongoing maintenance and care

For a full list of inclusions, visit the Department of Health website, which also features a list of eligibility criteria and an eligibility tracker.

If you think you might qualify for the program, you can apply online through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program website.

If you are unable to apply online, or you would like our help, please contact us and we will be happy to apply on your behalf.

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Urgent Testing for Sudden Hearing Loss

If you or someone you know has experienced sudden hearing loss, urgent testing is recommended. To be seen as soon as possible, please call us on (02) 9477 6621.