Manage Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Hearing aids are designed to help you manage the symptoms of hearing loss and can improve your ability to communicate.

Audiology Solutions is an independent clinic, not affiliated with any particular hearing aid manufacturer. We can help you find the ideal hearing solution among the hundreds on the market, from the best value to premium options.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in all different shapes and sizes, all with the same purpose — to help with the difficulties and symptoms of hearing loss.

Current hearing aids amplify quiet sounds (without over-amplifying loud ones), make speech understandable while suppressing disruptive noise in loud environments, and allow you to recognise where sounds are coming from.


Behind-the-ear hearing aids are small, light devices that sit discreetly behind your ear. The sound travels from the device into your ear canal through a virtually invisible tube.


In-the-ear hearing aids are custom-made devices, moulded to fit precisely inside your ears. This makes them very discreet or even completely invisible.


Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) devices have been designed for people with single-sided deafness. A CROS device has a microphone that transmits sound from the ear with no usable hearing, to a hearing aid that receives the sound and plays it in the better ear.

Hearing Aids and Audiology Solutions

What type of hearing aid is best for me?

If you require hearing aids, your Audiologist will discuss the devices that best suit your needs and that are most appropriate for your hearing loss. When selecting the right devices, we will consider the degree of hearing loss, dexterity, lifestyle and budget.

Can I try the devices?

Like all new things, you may take some time to adjust to wearing a hearing device. To help you get the most out of your new devices, Audiology Solutions offers you a 30-day trial period with your hearing aids. During this time, you will attend follow-up appointments and your Audiologist will be available to help you with any concerns.

We will ensure you are satisfied with your devices and that you experience the best outcome possible.

Brands We Stock

Hearing Services Program

You may be eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program, which provides subsidised or free hearing services and hearing aids if you meet certain criteria.

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