Our audiologists are experienced in working with children and will create a comfortable environment for your child.

At Audiology Solutions, we can assess children from the age of 1 year using toys and visual cues, making it a fun environment.

The type of hearing test for a child varies depending on their age.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s hearing or speech and language development, it is recommended to have their hearing tested.

The Treatment Process

When to see an audiologist

If you suspect your child might have a hearing loss, we recommend coming in for a paediatric hearing test with one of our experienced Audiologists.

Signs of a potential hearing impairment include:

  • Limited speech
  • Inattentiveness
  • Inappropriate responses to speech
  • Not responding when their name is called
  • Trouble learning
  • Not reacting to sounds in their environment
  • Listening to media at a loud volume

Your GP or paediatrician might suggest your child see an Audiologist if they have experienced recurring ear infections, another serious illness or you are concerned about their development.

Paediatric hearing test

Before a hearing health assessment for a child, we will ask the parent or caregiver for a review of the child’s health and hearing history, including the pregnancy and the child’s overall development. If the child has previously had a hearing test elsewhere, please bring a copy of the results with you.

We will then assess your child’s hearing through stress-free tests, tailored to their age and development. Using a range of fun games, toys and other visual cues, we are able to see how your child responds to sound. Older children or teens will be asked to listen and respond to a range of sounds while wearing headphones.

We will also perform a non-invasive ear examination to check the status of the middle ear and complete a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the child’s hearing health.

Hearing solutions

If your child requires hearing aids, your Audiologist will discuss the devices that best suit their needs and that are most appropriate for their hearing loss. When selecting the right devices, we will consider the degree of hearing loss, dexterity, lifestyle and budget.

If hearing aids aren’t right for your child, we can discuss other options and provide professional advice. If further testing or treatment is required, we can work in collaboration with your paediatrician and leading ear, nose and throat specialists at The ENT Centre, Hornsby, to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Our clinic provides ongoing maintenance and support, including follow-up appointments and hearing aid servicing and updates. We’ll let you know when it’s time to come in for a checkup, but we’re always here to help if you have any issues between appointments.


Once your child is fitted with their hearing devices, it’s important to remember that outcomes will be different for everyone, depending on the degree and type of hearing loss. Be sure to attend all follow-up appointments so your Audiologist can monitor your child’s progress and ensure they are getting the most out of their devices.

Outcomes you can expect include:

  • Improvement in your child’s hearing abilities in a variety of situations
  • Improvement in speech understanding by amplifying sounds they have been missing
  • Improved communication and concentration
  • Increased alertness and ability to hear alarms, traffic, telephones, doorbells and other important signals
  • Ability to make friends and play with other children more easily
  • Better quality of life

More About Hearing Loss

Not all concerns related to hearing indicate a permanent hearing loss — sometimes other hearing conditions may be the cause.

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